Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ortega Spanish Tapas Restaurant,55 Charterhouse Street, Farringdon,

I randomly picked this restaurant after searching for restaurants compatible with the Taste of London card in the Clarkenwell area. WE decided on Ortega due to its proximity close to our work. The picture of the exterior used on teh Taste of london website did not give it justice. We entered to find a trendy, rustic, authentic decorated, 2 storey, dark wood Spanish restaurant very welcoming and with a smart looking waiter ready to serve us. We ordered 2 of the ham and cives potato corquettes, which we both loved, i had the small prwans (they were out of king prawns)- which where tasty and nicely chewy but small and then we ordered seconds of chicken in mushroom sauce which was deliscious even though i was pretty full by now and my partner ordered the meat balls which were nice and substantial and very tasty. we had 2 pints of san miguel (only beer served there) and 2 espresso's and they gave us a complimentary shot of "spanish baileys" which was custardy yet delightful. Total bill price was 42 pounds discounted to 21pounds with T.O.L. A very very recommended place to eat!!

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