Friday, November 13, 2009

Good West London gig venue AND it has cheap drinks?? Hell yes! Liquid Nation - 161-165 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London, W10 6HJ

"Hey, Shoreditch. You should come to Shoreditch, it's all about Shoreditch"
"But I live in Hammersmith. It's like an hour, dude!"
"Nothing happens in West London, China!"

I've had like forty of these conversations. I'm the one that lives in West London and I'm cool with that. In fact, I prefer it. But, let's face it, this side of London feels a little dead compared to all the poetry-reading, cutting-edge music, artsy fartsyness of where all the students and gangs live.

I'm always looking for signs of life on this side of L-town and Liquid Nation is precisely what this part of town needed.

Read carefully - all drinks - beers, cocktails - and food (burgers) are ALWAYS 2.50 and there's never a cover.

And, as if that wasn't enough, the place is huge and usually mostly empty. Comfy indoor space, comfy outdoor spaces, it's a good place to be. And with cheap drinks and, genuinely good bands any given day. Andrew Lewis, the inhouse DJ / promoter / I think he busses glassware sometimes too, knows his obscure dance hits and is happy to take some requests. It's really everything you want, unless you want some East London, 'I'm a painter and my mom bought me a flat' trustafarianism.

Come for the cheap drinks, stay for the awesome indy bands. It's RIGHT by Ladbroke Grove tube station.

  • Cheap drinks
  • Cheap food
  • Free entry
  • Great bands
  • Good DJ
  • Cheap drinks, like reealy cheap
  • One time I ate too many angus burgers and was seriously sick
  • Ladbroke Grove is on Hammersmith and City line, which closes earlier

Check out what's happening there tonight on the Liquid Nation official site

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