Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The RAF Museum - NW London, Free entry and childlike fascinatingness!

Stranraer biplane flying boat seaplane RAF Museum LondonThis one is a bit more Marmite. And, I have to say, loving or hating this museum, devoted to the rich history of the Royal Air Force seems to cut down gender lines. It seems, for some probably-complicated, anthropological reasons, boys love toys and girls don't. Big, gleaming, triumphs of engineering and necessity, cobbled together under threat of defeat and destruction, to fly and bomb and shoot and fight and win or fall out of the sky in flames.

If even that very though, or the picture of the awesome Supermarine Stranraer seaplane flying boat propellor biplane thing to the right, get you all excited like a kid - there's a pretty good chance you're a guy. But hey, with free parking, free entry and a high something-different factor, I'm gonna try coming back with my girlfriend anyway. I think it's a unique and cultural London date idea and if you're dating someone who doesn't, stop it. And, if you're in the aerospace and defence business - this is where you need to book for your next conference, as the place I work at did. It's living history - and if you take the tour - you learn about the ridiculously brave, brass balled guys and girls that strapped on these gorgeous weapons of mass destruction.
Stranraer biplane flying boat seaplane
Nearest tube is Colindale or set the sat-nav to NW9 5LL

  • Every part of it's free
  • They have one of a kind planes from when planes looked cool.
  • Until you've seen a Lancaster Bomber and heard its story, you haven't museumed. 
  • Bring the kids and teach em something. Maybe the won't carry a knife later.
  • Toilet's through the giftshop. You'll buy something
  • Kids
  • Food sucks for visitors, rocks for corporate events.

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