Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ponces, fine. Russian gangsters, ergh. Ten quid cover on a Monday? Screw you Apartment 195, Chelsea!

My chick and I were pretty stoked to get invited by s brand new artist friend to his 'show'. We'd met him at a Drunken Balordi gig - free, somewhere in north Shoreditch and full of the kind of wild-haired, indy art kids you'd expect to find around there.

So imagine our surprise when asked to pay Chelsea's dreary looking Apartment 195 at 195 Kings Road, SW3 5ED, ten quid to go check out this art stuff. And hey, ten quid for cover on a Thursday - fair, on a Friday or Saturday, bargain! On a Monday? That's massive balls. The place was filling up with big haired Chelsea kids in their cashmere jumpers and shiny, shiny shoes - and I did catch a couple of archetypical Russian 'gangsters' on my way out (if you wear all black and shave your head and don't smile, there's a good chance your name is Sergei and you collect debts.)

So, to Apartment 195 (dreariness pictured) and all other Chelsea ponce spots, I say, no more. The good, none-trustfunded people of London won't tolerate your wannabe exclusivity. Let us overpay for your beer with no cover or face our collective wrath of going to a pub instead, as we ended up doing.

Good decor

Filled with new money and month and the less-stylish among the Chelsea trustafari community

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