Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's the simple things - FunkInYou, KOKO, Camden, N1

FunkInYou is another promoter / club night adding itself to the London club pile. DJs and performance artists, usually at KOKO in Camden. The Christmas Party wasn't exactly full and there were quite a few Melvins, Wallys and Goobers in the ground. Nerds with shirts buttoned up high like religious zealouts. And, like every proper, over-promoted club night, I even spotted a few over-50s in the crowd along with plenty of teenagers.

But with a venue as massive and comfortable as KOKO, I didn't care either. The music wasn't cutting edge but enough to send me and my date bouncing gleefully to the oldschool dance classics. The DJ (@Akross) didn't break any new ground, but it was more than good enough.

KOKO also lets you chill in many of the quieter parts of the club, with couches and space where you can have a proper mini chillout or special-touchy time. And, for the gentlemen out there, the talent was more than ample enough to make some special friends right on the night.

Performance artists include human statues, stiltwalkers (who most stand) and, the highlight, a lady throwing sparks with a grinder and a piece of metal....strapped to her crotch. There was also a confetti drop that I missed. Considering the early tickets were 15 quid, this was time well spent. The video above is from one of the busier, more Essexy, summer parties - but I was quite happy to have plenty of space to get my boogie on and lie down when I felt like. Underattended club nights have their many charms.

  • KOKO is an amazing venue to club in
  • Great ratio
  • Decent, if not great, music

  • I find it annoying when DJs talk on the mic. DJs shouldn't have a mic.
  • £15 isn't that cheap
  • KOKO charges you twice if you want to get your coat tout of coatcheck to smoke

  • Buy on their website instead of Ticketweb, save yourself 2 quid per ticket
  • Don't check your coat, there's plenty of space to hide it in the club

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